Re: Tim's Zygon article

From: Regehr, Carol (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 08:46:29 EDT

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    Tim wrote:

    > Several years ago I posted just that thesis on the Calvin
    > evolution list and possibly even here. I called it:
    > "Ironic Design".
    > Although an objective measurement of "funny" remains a work
    > in progress, I think that subjective experience lends
    > support to Ironic Design. Currently, we're trying to tackle
    > the measurement problem using tools from information theory.
    > Preliminary work (aside: Avoid disappointment by never
    > publishing anything but preliminary results) suggests these
    > tools have great potential. For example, in info theory, a
    > truely random signal has the greatest information content.
    > What could be more ironic than that?
    > Publications?
    > I'm still working at adding a few more footnotes to enhance
    > the illusion of legitimacy and careful thought to the
    > manuscript. [Personally, I find it rather difficult to
    > insert ellipses in quoted material to make the quote appear
    > to support my theory. I may have to hire someone more
    > experienced to help -- Does anyone have Ken Ham's phone
    > number?] Then it's off to Zygon for a review.

    And don't forget to cite the highly relevant paper by Alan Sokal, eh?
    Zygon would love that.

    Carol Regehr %^)


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