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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 23:39:49 EDT

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    Moorad Alexanian wrote:
    > I am toying with the notion that a genuine scientific search
    > for answers becomes so fruitless that it leads to belief.

    Several years ago I posted just that thesis on the Calvin
    evolution list and possibly even here. I called it:
    "Ironic Design".

    Only an intelligent, active agent with a fine sense of irony
    would create a world in which the evidence for natural evolution
    or creation would always remain inconclusive (at least for some
    transitions). Further, and unlike other supposedly "creator-
    neutral" formulations of design, my notion incorporates
    information about the nature of the potential ID creator to
    generate potentially testable hypotheses about the nature of
    the creation that we might observe. Specifically, if a world was
    created by an Ironic Designer, it follows that the creations
    would embody a great deal of humor, for an Ironic Designer
    must necessarily have a wicked sense of comedy (both light
    and dark).

    Although an objective measurement of "funny" remains a work
    in progress, I think that subjective experience lends
    support to Ironic Design. Currently, we're trying to tackle
    the measurement problem using tools from information theory.
    Preliminary work (aside: Avoid disappointment by never
    publishing anything but preliminary results) suggests these
    tools have great potential. For example, in info theory, a
    truely random signal has the greatest information content.
    What could be more ironic than that?

    I'm still working at adding a few more footnotes to enhance
    the illusion of legitimacy and careful thought to the
    manuscript. [Personally, I find it rather difficult to
    insert ellipses in quoted material to make the quote appear
    to support my theory. I may have to hire someone more
    experienced to help -- Does anyone have Ken Ham's phone
    number?] Then it's off to Zygon for a review.

    Tim Ikeda (address is changing)

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