From: Lucy Masters (masters@cox-internet.com)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 12:08:54 EDT

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    Moorad said:

    Evolutionary theory is supposed to be a complete theory of the origin of
    As a purely scientific theory, there is not need to invoke a Creator.
    Accordingly, there is no way anyone can make any sense of created or
    in the image of God in the context of the theory. A Christian who
    believes in
    both Christ and evolution can reconcile the two in his/her mind but that
    about it. It may take all sorts of intellectual contortions but one can

    Lucy responds:

    Moorad, let me take a stab at this from a different perspective.
    Science is a "way" of looking at the world. It is empirically driven.
    It likes to look at concrete evidence...things that can be weighed and
    measured and analyzed. Religion is also a "way" of looking at the
    world. But it is not empirically driven. Liken this, if you will, to
    the fact that one can earn a BA in psychology or a BS in psychology.
    The BA is going to deal with lots of study in areas much like
    religion...feelings, beliefs, emotions, logic, and so on. Those classes
    are very discussion oriented. The BS will deal with study in how to
    measure feelings, emotions, and so on...blood pressure, sweat glands,
    and so on. Those classes are very lab and statistics oriented. They
    are not completely separated, but different enough to warrant different
    kinds of degrees.

    I wouldn't say that science has no need to invoke a Creator. It is
    simply that science has no business even trying to study a Creator such
    as our God. Because of the way God chooses to exist, he cannot be
    weighed, measured, or analyzed in a scientific way. He can be studied
    in an "arts" kind of way - through discussion and exploration of our
    ideas. I have no problem with scientists not discussing God in relation
    to evolution - it isn't their place. And it's a good thing, too.
    Because if we try to start merging the arts and the sciences here, the
    next thing you know we'll be requiring preachers to produce hair and DNA
    samples to prove that God exists or that Jesus ever lived. I don't
    think any of us want to go there. Lucy

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