Re: Evolution and the Image of god

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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 10:01:34 EDT

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    I believe God can create as He pleases. I suppose that would also mean that
    God is in total control of the weather. People who say that God would not
    deceive us, for instance, with a young earth---which I do not believe
    in--would have to address the issue of why God is attempting to deceive us
    when it comes to the weather and evolution. Scientists believe that long
    weather predication is impossible since one is dealing with deterministic
    chaos. It is for this reason that when it comes to studying the past I opt
    out since we really do not know how to handle that except by good forensic
    type scientific reasrarch. Moorad

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    > Bill Payne wrote:
    > > > Below are some of my comments that I may have posted to this list
    > > before.
    > > > I do think that this is at least one way to understand the Image of
    > > in
    > > > an evolutionary context.
    > >
    > > Dobson and his co-host warned their listeners of the PBS "Evolution"
    > > series on their show last Thursday. They mentioned Keith by name,
    > > a short excerpt of a Wheaton girl asking him a question and his response
    > > about the image of God, and said something to the effect that he has
    > > completely swept the scriptures aside. They said they will revisit this
    > > topic next Thursday/Friday I believe, and then went on with their
    > > scheduled programing.
    > >
    > > Although Keith and I have some fundamental differences, I felt that
    > > Dobson's and his co-host's comments were the result of a lack of
    > > understanding of Keith's position, which I know is shared by most on
    > > list. Some of you might want to try to talk to his co-host or Dobson
    > > before they air their opinions next Thursday. The phone no. is
    > > 1-800-AFAMILY.
    > The question about evolution and the image of God is really just a
    > specialization of the question
    > "Could God have created by means of evolution?" The answer to that, of
    > course, is "Yes." & that being the case, God could have made humanity the
    > image of God at some epoch of the evolutionary process. It really is that
    > simple. Trying to create a controversy about this is an attempt to pose
    > discredited "creation or evolution" choice in new garb.
    > Shalom,
    > George
    > George L. Murphy
    > "The Science-Theology Interface"

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