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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 09:30:29 EDT

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    Bill Payne wrote:

    > > Below are some of my comments that I may have posted to this list
    > before.
    > > I do think that this is at least one way to understand the Image of God
    > in
    > > an evolutionary context.
    > Dobson and his co-host warned their listeners of the PBS "Evolution"
    > series on their show last Thursday. They mentioned Keith by name, played
    > a short excerpt of a Wheaton girl asking him a question and his response
    > about the image of God, and said something to the effect that he has
    > completely swept the scriptures aside. They said they will revisit this
    > topic next Thursday/Friday I believe, and then went on with their
    > scheduled programing.
    > Although Keith and I have some fundamental differences, I felt that
    > Dobson's and his co-host's comments were the result of a lack of
    > understanding of Keith's position, which I know is shared by most on this
    > list. Some of you might want to try to talk to his co-host or Dobson
    > before they air their opinions next Thursday. The phone no. is
    > 1-800-AFAMILY.

            The question about evolution and the image of God is really just a
    specialization of the question
    "Could God have created by means of evolution?" The answer to that, of
    course, is "Yes." & that being the case, God could have made humanity the
    image of God at some epoch of the evolutionary process. It really is that
    simple. Trying to create a controversy about this is an attempt to pose the
    discredited "creation or evolution" choice in new garb.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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