Re: Is Jesus God? (was: Is Jonah to be taken literally?)

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 09:04:46 EDT

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    Thanks for your last post. I think we can let most of it rest for now,
    unless you wish to pursue some portion of it further.

    Just a brief comment this time. I had said:

    >> My purpose in entering this discussion was not to settle the issue, but to
    >> voice an objection to overstatements regarding the certainty or finality of
    >> some theological propositions, even of some that are deep in the Christian
    >> tradition.

    and you replied:

    > There are fundamental differences between different propositions. I
    > assume they cover the whole spectrum from quite irrelevant to absolutely
    > vital for salvation. Irrelevant questions may be left aside without
    > quarreling, but vital questions must be settled by each one of us
    > personally (in community and dialog with others who want to follow
    > Jesus) - and not just as intellectual propositions, but as attitudes of
    > the heart. And again, it's not a question of "Christian tradition", but
    > of God's revelation.

    One of the points I was making is that there is a history of substantial
    disagreements among Christians regarding precisely what "God's revelation"
    is on some issue. In some cases that has led to divisions in the
    institutional church. In other cases ecumenical councils made a decision for

    > We must not evade the question of truth
    > for the sake of pleasing others (this I say as a general statement, not
    > as being directed against you!).

    Well said.



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