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Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 06:37:55 EDT

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    << But what my question was getting at was something deeper. There
    seems to be a strong feeling that some kind of natural theology must be
    true. It is more than just a matter of apologetic method, but almost an
    element of personal faith commitment. Is this because people were
    themselves brought to faith in this way and so feel instinctively that
    such ideas are essential to Christian faith? Or are there other
    reasons? I could make various guesses but it would be more profitable
    to hear the views of others. >>


    I'm not well versed in theology or the history of science, but don't we and
    earlier Christians hold that there are two books by which God reveals
    himself--the book of nature and scripture? Isn't it is also believed, that
    neither is complete without the other, that each illumines the other?

    I have always thought that the answer to all these questions is yes. If I am
    mistaken I would like to know wherein.

    It seems to me your position all but negates the book of nature.



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