Re: How Einstein and Hammond proved God exists

From: James W Stark (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 15:02:42 EDT

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    on 8/30/01 9:07 AM, George Hammond at wrote:

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    > If then, "Man is made in the image of God", Riemannian
    > geometry must be the description of God.. or more specifically,
    > Einstein's theory is. See:

    Quoting from this site:
    _Now, beyond all this, what we see is that the "geometric properties
    of space itself" are the CAUSAL FORCE that determines the geometrical
    shape of the human body.  Because of this, it turns out that the
    "geometrical shape of the brain" is also determined and is found to
    be "3-axis Cartesian" in SHAPE (notice I said SHAPE, not volume).
    The Brain actually has Axes of mechanical symmetry, just like
    the Body:_

    Why do you confine your concept of God to mathematics. Mathematics can only
    estimate what might be fixed laws. It cannot guarantee truth. Physicists
    are now suggesting that matter is an illusion.

    As a reference see: <>

    See the article Beyond E=mc2 for how we can reason this way. I quote:

    _It is actually a statement about how much energy is required to give the
    appearance of a certain amount of mass, rather than about the conversion of
    one fundamental thing, energy, into another fundamental thing, mass._

    [B. Haisch, A. Rueda & H.E. Puthoff, The Sciences, Vol. 34, No. 6, November
    / December, pp. 26-31 (1994).]

    Mathematics cannot explain the truth of a non-deterministic free will.

    God used God's free will to create mathematics. The Christian God embraces
    the truth of non-deterministic free will. Your association of God to a
    mathematical proof cannot establish truth.

    James Stark

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