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    Edward Hassertt wrote:
    > 21. How can a theory which can't be explained to scientists in a coherent
    > manner have any real impact on us lowly masses?

      What exactly do you think the phenomena of God is?.... if the
    best and the brightest have been explaining it to us every Sunday
    for 2,000 years and still nobody understands it? It proposes
    a miracle so great that the human race can't believe it. Particularly
    since those few who claimed to have understood it hitherto couldn't even
    prove it! When you say "scientist" you have to realize that only
    5% of the scientific community is intellectually qualified to
    evaluate this.
      Notwithstanding that, at least now with a s.p.o.g., if the
    entire world scientific community with access to experimental proof
    at last concludes that it is true, as true as brain surgery, nuclear
    reactors, and gravity... then, and only then, will the world population
    at last "believe in God", even if they never are capable of understanding
      3/4's of the World will never get beyond an understanding of God
    which amounts to a realization that there is a "material ghost of
    Man which is invisible but is a physically real being".. that has complete
    power over the world and dictates what Life is. They, as always, will
    have to rely on the other 1/4 of the world to understand it.
      Only generations of social adaptation will change this as it has in other
    phenomenological matters. 100 years ago you couldn't explain electricity
    to the population. Today, after decades of daily experience of living
    with the discovery, even a child knows better than to touch an electric
      The point is, people are looking right at God and have been since the
    beginning of time, they simply haven't known that that's what it is. A
    generation from now it will be common knowledge what God is... what it
    is about a person's bodily appearance that comprises "God". This is
    something only the authorities know today. In 100 years everybody will
    know it.
      In the mean time, the phenomenological explanation is within easy
    reach of any educated person, even if the higher mathematical-physics
    "proof" isn't. This is because you already know what God is, you just
    don't recognize the fact that it IS God. To that end, what you have to
    understand is what the Secular Trend is, and how it manifests itself in
    the appearance and developmental rank of people. This can be seen
    with the naked eye and is already something we are all well familiar with...
    it's practically the "first impression" of a person. Finding out why and
    how this is "God" is something any reasonably intelligent and experienced
    person can piece together. Figuring out what Heaven, Eternal life and
    a Miracle is, easily follows from that. A fast study might even be able
    to figure out why it is said that "all men are created equal". Finally,
    figuring out the crucial importance of having the world know that there
    is a "real God" is the most important thing... for in the end, it is the
    law of mass social opinion that rules the world. And a universal belief
    that God is a scientifically proven fact is going to alter the nature of
    world social behavior.
      As for understanding why "Einstein's theory of Gravity" is the proof
    of God... well, that's probably an intellectual challenge that few but
    the experts will have time for. You will simply have to take it from

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                         Revised list:

    1. Why does the Secular Trend scientifically explain "God"?
    2. Exactly how powerful is God, practically speaking?
    3. Will the Moslem's invade Europe using Arab oil
        money when they find out there is a proof of Allah?
    4. Why is Religion mathematically identical to Relativity?
    5. Will the SPOG cause a world revolution among
        3rd World people?
    6. Will the Jews claim that they have been proven right?
    7. Why is Einstein's Theory the mathematical proof of God?
    8. Does the SPOG disprove atheistic Communism?
    9. Will the Jews request banning the Crucifix in Christian
        churches (restoration of the True-Cross)?
    10. Will the world standard of living double within
        20 years?
    11. Will we be guaranteed Human Rights at last?
    12. Will we be guaranteed a home, a job, and a family?
    13. Will we have protection against having our lives
        ruined by governments, employers, and landlords?
    14. Will we have honest, all powerful, universal, rule by
        God in the world?
    15. Is it possible to have enough to go around?
    16. Will the S.P.O.G. curtail mindless population expansion?
    17. Will we have a World Government?
    18. Will we have a new World Religion?
    19. Will S.P.O.G. effect world disarmament?
    20. Can S.P.O.G. end the race and class struggles?
    21. Will the Churches obtain historic political power?
    22. Will crime and political corruption be eradicated?
    23. Will we see an end to poverty, slavery and antisemitism
        in our lifetimes?
    24. Can life be productive, secure, guaranteed, and happy...
        and I mean actually... not just according to some
        hypocritical grin and bear it political ideology?
    25. Is S.P.O.G. a genuine "miracle" in the Biblical sense?
    26. Will the advent of S.P.O.G. halt the expenditure of a
        100 billion dollars on StarWars?
    27. Will S.P.O.G. end 4,000 years of Hindu bondage in
        the Caste system?
    28. Will the S.P.O.G. stabilize world society enough so that
        Nuclear power will become feasible?
    29. Will the S.P.O.G. mark the end of world terrorism?
    30. How does the S.P.O.G. effect an ecumenical unification of
        the world's religions by proving there is a God?

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