"20-Questions" for S.P.O.G.

From: George Hammond (ghammond@mediaone.net)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 00:11:46 EDT

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    NOTE: S.P.O.G. is an acronym for "Scientific Proof of God"

    Aaron Agassi wrote:

    > You've had every
    > opportunity to respond seriously, and you have not.

    I haven't heard a serious question yet.
    Let me point out what a serious question
    concerning S.P.O.G. is:

    1. Why does the Secular Trend scientifically explain "God"?
    2. Exactly how powerful is God, practically speaking?
    3. Will the Moslem's invade Europe using Arab oil
        money when they find out there is a proof of Allah?
    4. Why is Religion mathematically identical to Relativity?
    5. Will the SPOG cause a world revolution among
        3rd World people?
    6. Will the Jews claim that they have been proven right?
    7. Why is Einstein's Theory the mathematical proof of God?
    8. Does the SPOG disprove atheistic Communism?
    9. Will the Jews request banning the Crucifix in Christian
        churches (restoration of the True-Cross)?
    10. Will the world standard of living double within
        20 years?
    11. Will we be guaranteed Human Rights at last?
    12. Will we be guaranteed a home, a job, and a family?
    13. Will we have protection against having our lives
        ruined by governments, employers, and landlords?
    14. Will we have honest, all powerful, universal, rule by
        God in the world?
    15. Is it possible to have enough to go around?
    16. Will the S.P.O.G. curtail mindless population expansion?
    17. Will we have a World Government?
    18. Will we have a new World Religion?
    19. Will S.P.O.G. effect world disarmament?
    20. Can S.P.O.G. end the race and class struggles?
    21. Will the Churches obtain historic political power?
    22. Will crime and political corruption be eradicated?
    23. Will we see an end to poverty, slavery and antisemitism
        in our lifetimes?
    24. Can life be productive, secure, guaranteed, and happy...
        and I mean actually... not just according to some
        hypocritical grin and bear it political ideology?
    25. Is S.P.O.G. a genuine "miracle" in the Biblical sense?
    26. Will the advent of S.P.O.G. halt the expenditure of a
        100 brillion dollars on StarWars?
    27. Will S.P.O.G. end 4,000 years of Hindu bondage in
        the Caste system?
    28. How does the S.P.O.G. effect an ecumenical unification of
        the world's religions by proving there is a God?

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