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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 22:29:02 EDT

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    on 8/28/01 4:28 PM, george murphy wrote:

    I would like to challenge folks to give some hard consideration to the
    question, "Why are so many Christians apparently prepared to fight and die
    for a natural knowledge of God which is independent of God's revelation in
    Christ? ...[snip]...

    Okay, I'll take a guess - perhaps from the perspective of one representing
    the unwashed masses:

    Natural theology seems to form an island of common ground between the
    average Christian and the unbeliever who is completely unfamiliar with
    theology and philosophy; both having a somewhat equivalent level of basic
    education in the sciences, yet neither having enough insight to recognize
    the weaknesses of either natural theology or scientific naturalism.

    It looks like a good place to start when speaking to an unbeliever about
    Christ, with the hope that such a discussion will open a window wide enough
    for a second look at scripture, where Christ's personal revelation of the
    Father lives large.

    I admit this naivete. I still admire the design argument (I am an
    architect, so perhaps a little predisposed to see God as a "designer"). I
    am currently enjoying Dembski's book (ID) and particularly this discussion.

    Thanks for all your insights.

    --Grace and Peace,
     Scott Tucker

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