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    bivalve wrote:
    > There was a walrus skeleton in the hallway of the building from which I sent my previous message. I am quite aware that pinnipeds have two hind limbs. My point was that, in many, they do not function independently. The examples I gave were of functional tripods; in all cases the actual number of limbs was four.
    > A variety of Ediacaran animals, notably Tribrachidium, as well as some nematodes, show triradial symmetry but do not use legs for moving around. Unipedal motion is reasonably common among invertebrates, along with many having more than four legs.
    > Dr. David Campbell
    > "Old Seashells"

      It would be very easy for Detroit to start manufacturing
    3-wheeled cars.. in fact cheaper than 4-wheeled cars.
    So, we are left with the question of why 99.9999% of cars
    have 4-wheels, not 3? This is the same question as why
    99.9999% of animals have (a minimum) of 4-legs and not 3?
      The answer is the same in both cases, and obviously has
    nothing to do with Natural Selection or Darwin. It has to
    do with the intrinsic "square" metrical property of space

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