Re: Is Jonah to be taken literally?

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 08:33:36 EDT

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    Guy Blanchet a écrit:

    Mr. Van Till,

    You're confusing the Church of God with the Church of Rome. The arguing
    over whether or not Jesus was God was simply the beginnings of what the
    Chruch of Rome has come to refer to as Tradition. The Bible may clearly say
    something but Tradition may decide to 'rephrase' certain things to widen the
    road and give elbow room. That's what makes that institution a 'thoroughly
    human institution' as you say.

    Mr. Blanchet,

    Before I respond, let me be certain that I understand you correctly.

    (1) Are you saying that, of all Christian denominations, the Roman Catholic
    Church is the only one that might be described as a 'thoroughly human

    (2) Are you saying that "Tradition" (by which I presume you mean "binding
    ecclesiastical decisions") do not play a role in denominations other than
    the Roman Catholic Church?

    (3) What do you mean by "the Church of God"?

        (a) A specific denomination or set of denominations? If so, what are the
    criteria of selection?

        (b) A subset of members from several denominations? If so, what are the
    criteria of selection?

        (c) A set of persons, not necessarily members of any institutional
    church, who are committed to certain tenets of faith? If so, what are these

    Howard Van Till

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