Re: Ellen White, Price, and YEC

Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 18:47:01 EDT

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    << This caused a number of evangelical scholars, including BB Warfield, to
     "push the envelope" on the Genesis chronology and geneology.>>


    To a great extent (I think) the pushing the envelope was based on the work of
    Warfield's Princeton colleague William Henry Green. And Ron Numbers used the
    occasion of his presidential address to the American Society of Church
    History to provide a very fair account of "the most important Biblical
    discovery of our time". See Numbers, R., 2000, "The most important Biblical
    discovery of our time": William Henry Green and the demise of Ussher's
    chronology: Church History, v. 69, p. 257-276.

    And on a different topic, I can't help passing along this thought for the day:
    "Think of the difference it would have made to contemporary Christianity if
    Darwin had read Pascal instead of Paley in his days as a divinity student"
    (E.T. Oakes, 2001).

    Karl V. Evans

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