Re: Numbers an "historian"?

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 02:42:02 EDT

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    From: Ted Davis <>
    > There are circles, however, in which Ron's work is simply not appreciated.
    > One of his first books was a scholarly biography of Ellen White (she is
    > mentioned in various posts lately), a book that some viewed as an "expose"
    > of this SDA prophetess, and a book that helped get Ron sacked from his
    > teaching job at Loma Linda University.

    In the preface to "Prophetess of Health: Ellen G. White" Ron makes the
    following statement, "I have refrained from using divine inspiration as an
    historical explanation." (p. xi) Thus, in a single sentence, Ron
    automatically excludes any possibility that God could have prophets
    (including Paul, John, Isaiah, etc.) any where and at any time thoughout
    history. The only kind of historical explanation allowed is from strictly
    human sources. In this way, the Bible is also automatically just a
    collection of myths and irrelevant to reality. Since he automatically
    excludes any possibility that God could have communicated with Ellen, then
    Ellen MUST have gotten all her ideas from strictly human origins. Does this
    book prove that Ellen got all her ideas from strictly human sources? No, it
    cannot do so because that is assumed from the beginning. (You cannot prove
    what you assume) All Ron does is show some similarities between some things
    that Ellen has written and what others have written. It has absolutely no
    impact on whether she received visions or not. It is completely irrelevant
    to whether she was a prophet or not.

    But Ron thinks he has exposed Ellen as false prophet (he hasn't and
    couldn't) and therefore he has chosen to think of her as simply a deluded,
    religious person. It is no wonder that he was sacked from LLU.

    Ron's book on Creationism, while in some respects providing a lot of
    historical information that would otherwise be unavailable, has very little
    impact on Creationism itself for the same reasons. Since there is no divine
    inspiration, the Bible cannot be the inspired word of God. And Genesis is
    simply mythology. Because Ron starts with these assumptions, his "history"
    is fatally flawed and doesn't prove anything about the validity or
    invalidity of Creationism.

    He calls himself an agnostic. In reality he is one of Christianity's
    greatest enemies.


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