Re: Numbers an "historian"?

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 02:11:13 EDT

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    From: Ted Davis <>

    > Those interested in Ron's personal history can read some of it for
    > themselves, in the very revealing introduction to The Creationists. His
    > father was a leading SDA evangelist, and Ron was himself an SDA believer
    > until some years after his graduation from an SDA college. As he reports,
    > his lectures on the history of creationism have led people in the audience
    > to castigate him for being a creationist himself, since he doesn't engage
    > debunking the ideas he presents. In the final paragraph of the
    > introduction, he writes, "Although I no longer believe in creationism of
    > kind, I am strongly committed to treating its advocates with the same
    > respect I might accord evolutionists." Everything I know--and I've known
    > Ron for nearly 20 years--is consistent with this statement. I know
    > personally at least a dozen people treated in his book, and none of them
    > believes that Ron did him wrong, including John C. Whitcomb, Jr., who told
    > me that both he and Henry Morris believe that Ron treated them fairly in
    > account. Indeed, Whitcomb gave Ron a pile of correspondence about
    > creationism that Ron drew on carefully in the book.
    Ron's "history" of Creationism is filled from paragraph to paragraph with
    underhanded jabs and innuendoes. He may think he is treating Creationists
    with "respect", but his writing proves otherwise. Ron has treated
    Creationists better than most, but that's not saying much.


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