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Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 17:05:08 EDT

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    > Oliver Ford wrote:

    You must realize that the SPOG being a major and comprehensive
    theory of an enormous topic, cannot be discussed by "factoid methods"
    any more than Particle Physics or Relitivity can.

    > When you say that IQ is caused by the time dimension, does this mean that
    > because IQ is (Mental Age / Physical Age) * 100 we can see that "age" is a
    > degree of freedom in both and therefore would fit nicely into a more
    > complete version of Eysenck's E,N,P space?

    No. The "old field of Abilities", today referred to as Intelligence,
    was completely developed in the period 1900 to 1935, resulting in
    what is commonly called the "IQ test" among other things. In the
    period 1935 to 2001 the same Factor analytic methods (now using
    computers) were turned on Personality and resulted in the discovery
    of E,N,P. Nevertheless, the two fields, Intelligence and Personaliity
    remain distinct in modern Psychometry.
      Hammond's discovery (Hammond 1994) revealed that E,N,P were biologically
    caused by the 3 Cartesian spatial axes of the brain. Subsequently
    (1997) Hammond discovered that since IQ has been biologically related
    to "mental speed" (raw processing time in bits/second), that naturally
    it correlates with "Time".... since speed correlates with time
      Thus, Hammond realized that Intelligence and Personality can be
    unified into a single 4-dimensional space exactly the same way
    (and for the same reason) that Einstein unified Time and the 3-dimensions
    of space into "SPACETIME".
      Subsequently of course Einstein discovered that the curvature of
    space-time causes Gravity. Likewise, and for the same causal reason,
    Hammond discovered that the curvature of 4-dimensional
    Intelligence-Personality space causes "GOD".

    > This seems plausible, but I
    > have been unable to find strong evidence of it in any of your works.
    > (There might be other possibilities instead of IQ, but that would
    > therefore not prove the Flynn effect...)
    > In Hammond (1994) you say that "the four principle lobes (L-R motor and
    > sensory) of the brain, ... underlie eysenck's model". The problem with
    > this is that it is now known that the left and right hemispheres _do not_
    > correspond to principle areas of thought and personality. (People have
    > lost entire hemispheres and still have "normal" personalities

    People have lost one arm and can still drive also.

    > - they
    > therefore would not appear anomalous in an Eysenckian Psychometric
    > personality test).

    I doubt this. Sperry discoverd Lateralization by noticing
    the psychological differences occuring in people after
    a split brain operation. The left and ight brains test
    differently, which means someone with one side of his
    brain removed would obviously test differently after the
      If a Republican had his Right brain removed he would
    probably switch to the Democratic party.

    > This seems to deny the assertion that E,N,P is caused
    > by neurology of the brain (as Hammond (1994) proposes) and therefore shows
    > a critical weakness in the SPOG.

    I don't think so.

    > Are you aware of Mischel's 1986 work Introduction to Personality. Although
    > I have not studied the text myself, I have learned that he criticises
    > Cattell and Eysenck's theories (his criticisms probably apply to Gray as
    > well). From what I have learned, he points out that situations affect
    > personality. For example, when a person is with friends on a social
    > occasion he/she may appear extraverted, but when he/she is at work the
    > person may be introverted. Therefore, the value for E fluctuates. This
    > does seem true, and therefore a neurological basis for Psychometry space
    > looks impossible.

    Mischel's star has faded in recent years and Personaly
    typology is very much to the fore.

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