YEC-Parables and the New Gospel

From: George Hammond (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 14:34:00 EDT

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      Is it any more outrageous to say that "Sun spots cause
    Flu outbreaks" than it is to say "Ahab made the Sun go
    back an hour in the sky"? I don't think so.
      All of the historic Parables (miracles) of the OT which
    defy known Science, have been judged by history to be
    positive and constructive Parables about the human
    condition, and have constructively swayed world opinion in
    their wake.
      I submit that the "Parables" of the YEC's reach the
    same historic heights, and in fact, constitute a living
    Gospel that is currently being written to prepare the way
    for the emergence of a scientific proof of God, an event
    so dramatic that it could well lead to the emergence of
    a Third Testament of the Bible.
      The adversary last time was the Roman Empire, the adversary
    this time is the Godless World Scientific Empire.
    Just as any outrageous Parable was justified last time
    and "morally true", the same is true this time. Radioactivity,
    Comets, Sunspots, Coal Seams, whatever, are just as legitimate
    targets this time as the Red Sea, the Suns Motion, Pillars of
    Salt, and man eating Whales were last time.
      Finally, I would like to appeal to any of the more sophisticated
    YEC's (similar to Ken Ham for instance) to please contact this
    physicist regarding the discovery of a scientific proof of God and
    it's stunning ability to provide a hard scientific proof of
      I am tired of OEC's ignoring and ridiculing this (published)
    scientific discovery, and am hoping that the "new wave" of YEC
    intelligentsia who are now facing court challenges might find this
    development a powerful ally in the courtrooms and Public Education
    Boardrooms, especially where there are many sober OEC's looking
    desperately for some glimmer of a rational scientific reason to
    support a movement which they have already concluded has broad
    public appeal and support. Hammond has discovered this scientific
    breakthrough which is obviously of vital importance to YEC.

    PS: Visit my website below for details of the
         Scientific Proof of God.

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