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From: Bill Cobern (bill.cobern@wmich.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 13:36:14 EDT

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    I have a question about Duane Gish. I'd ask him directly if anyone on the
    list knows has an email address for him.

    On the Science & Technology Studies <STS@NIC.SURFNET.NL> list, someone
    "The levels of dishonesty exhibited by the likes of Duane Gish and other
    debaters and pamphlets concerning creationism are quite amazing."

    I took issue with this person bec/ Gish has never struck me as being
    dishonest. The original commenter wrote this back to me:

    "In one of Gish's debates he used the Bombadier Beetle example. The oppoenent
    happened to know an article showing how the beetle could have evolved the two
    components which, when mixed explode, but which had immediate prescursors
    which would not. Gish granted the point, and admitted he had been wrong on
    that example.
    Then during his next debate appearance to a different audience he used the
    Bombadier Beetle example again."

    Can anyone one the ASA list verify this claim? I'd like to know.

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