Re: Discontinuity Conference Report

Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 02:15:05 EDT

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    Dave wrote,

    << There is also the gap theory, which makes the six
     days of Genesis 1 to be the quick recreation after the destruction of
     what had developed over ages. This must be discounted because I
     understand that the "was" of v. 2 cannot be translated "became," which
     this view requires. >>

    Hebrew normally requires a lamedh to follow a hayah if the meaning is
    "become," and Gen 1:2 does not have a lamedh. But there are two or three
    instances where the OT uses hayah without the lamedh to mean "become." so,
    1:2 from a purely grammatical point of view could be translated
    "become"---albeit the gap theory does not work anyway.


    PS. Please don't ask me for the references unless you are willing to wait
    until I run across my notes again---as I have notes on Gen 1 spread all over
    and cannot easily find this; but, I gurantee the references exist.

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