Re: Why YEC?

Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 02:06:09 EDT

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    Burgy wrote,

    << PHSEELY wrote, in part: "Although I do not believe YEC's have any
     consciousness of lying, because YECism is false, it functions as a lie
     and inevitably demands more lies to keep the first lie intact. This
     commitment to darkness invites demonic reinforcement."
     I am uncomfortable with the words "lying" and "lie" in the above. Being
     mistaken about something, and insisting on the truth of something false
     as a result, is just being mistaken, not lying. At least in my thinking.
     As such, I don't realy see any "committment to darkness" involved, and
     certainly no "demons."
     Partly I say this because I know Dr. Gish fairly well, have broken bread
     with him and Henry Morris, etc. I regard them both as decent, honorable,
     moral persons who happen to be wrong on something. By the way, Gish once
     said just about the same thing to me in an email a few years ago.
     I know you said "functions as a lie," but I really think there is a
     difference here.>>

    You raise a good question. I recognize a spectrum of YEC's beginning with
    those so thoroughly ignorant of science and the Bible that they are almost
    incapable of being challenged by factual data that would refute their
    position. At the other end are people with enough background that they really
    ought to know better. Presumably God winks at the first group. I'm not so
    sure about the second, especially the leaders.

    Certainly a lot of data contrary to YECism has been set forth by capable
    geologists, astronomers, etc. Can a capable person seeing this light suppress
    it without incurring moral guilt? And can a person who repeatedly suppresses
    light avoid becoming enmeshed in a deception which becomes nearly impossible
    to escape? I think that as they continue to suppress light, they reach a
    point where they can no longer tell the difference between light and
    darkness. As I understand demonic forces it is repeated acts like these which
    invite demonic powers to reinforce the darkness; but, I am open on that

    I get some of my thinking from the experience of Micaiah with the false
    prophet Zedekiah. Zedekiah was absolutely sure that what he was saying was of
    God. He had no consciousness of lying (2Chron 18:23). But, Scripture
    indicates that what he was saying were lies (2Chron 18:21, 22). Similarly,
    Jer 14:14. However, maybe a person in our time believing the earth is only
    10,000 years old and that there was a global flood c. 3000 BC is not
    significant enough to be credited with being a lie in that sense, albeit I
    think it must partake in part. Perhaps, the real evil, the real lie (and I
    think 2Chron 18 and Jer 14 support me in calling this doctrine a lie) is the
    exaltation of the Bible to scientific inerrancy. This is the underlying lie
    upon which creation science is built. And this lie is an idol: This is made
    clear by the fact that those who have this commitment even make Scripture bow
    down to it. I cannot help but see some demonic force involved in this
    deception and idolatry.

    Although we cannot judge individuals, can we not say that even the most
    sincere, well-meaning and in some instances at least even genuine Christians
    who pray fervently to the Virgin Mary are involved in a lie and an idolatry?
    And would we not suppose that demons enforce that darkness? If so, why
    should evangelical deception and idolatry be any different?



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