Re: Why YEC?

Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 01:42:31 EDT

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    Gordon wrote,

    << If we agree with the YEC claim that equates inerrancy and YEC, then it
     seems to me that we are unwittingly promoting YEC in the Christian
     community. SNIP>>

    Much of the conservative Christian community is unwittingly promoting YEC.
    Concordism (day-age, etc) promotes YEC, in my opinion, because it too is
    based on the idea that the Bible is absolutely inerrant on all subjects, yet
    it is so easy to see that its "explanations" are not what the Bible is saying
    that most people readily opt for the YEC interpretation, which we must
    confess is the historical interpretation of the Church. But, you make a good
    point: Inerrancy can be defined without implying YEC. Please note that I
    said, "absolutely inerrant Bible", which is the view that when the Bible
    touches even tangentially upon a subject including all references to science
    it makes an inerrrant statement---no accommodation; it is all "God's personal
    opinion." This is not a biblical definition of biblical inerrancy; but, this
    is the definition that underlies YEC. So, let's do all we can to be sure we
    do not promote _that_ view of inerrancy.


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