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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 21:13:28 EDT

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    > The current YEC flood theory has a lineage traceable to Ellen G. White's
    > writings. To defend this, YEC's have resorted to giving very bizarre
    > interpretations to scripture passages that appear to conflict with their
    > theory. This is not the approach that one usually associates with
    > inerrancy.
    > Given that some of the strongest proponents of inerrancy reject YEC, it
    > seems that to equate inerrancy with YEC involves exchanging their
    > understanding of what that term means for a caricature of it.
    I'd like to point out that Ellen did not believe in nor promote inerrancy of
    the Bible. This is a phenomena that is associated with the evangelical
    crowd. Ellen's views on inspiration are best laid out in the introduction
    to the book "The Great Controversy." (Which can be found in it's entirety
    on-line by most any search engine).

    Nor, I might add, does Ellen promote strict YEC. In the first chapter of
    the first book of a five volume Biblical commentary known as the "Conflict
    of the Ages Series," (The entire series can also be found on-line), Ellen
    talks of a universe of vast ages, but ascribes the Creation Week of 7
    rotations of planet earth an age of only thousands of years ago. She also
    describes in interesting detail a global catastrophe dated somewhere around
    2300 to 3000 BC.

    Yes -- I am an SDA.


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