YEC is a Psychology theory

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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 20:49:43 EDT

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      It's amazing how many high quality scientists are unaware
    that "God" is a Psychology theory, and are therefore unaware
    the YEC is a Psychology theory.
      Beyond that, it's amazing how many high quality scientists
    simply gloss over the well known fact that Physics does not
    claim to be able to explain the origin of realty but simply
    accepts the existence of reality as "an a priori fact". Physics
    cannot for instance define mass, length and time. Physics can
    only point to a Brass cylinder, Platinum rod, Cesium clocks etc.
    as "mutually agreed upon specimens" of mass, length and time.
      On the other hand, Psychology and Religion is the study of
    the "origin" of Reality. And that "origin" has been determined to
    be the human brain. Therefore, since the human brain (Homo
    Sapiens Sapiens) brain is only 40,000 years old, it is intuitively
    obvious to even a casual observer, that "reality" is only
    40,000 years old. As the YEC's point out, the world was "Created"
    therefore 40,000 years ago (they use the Biblical figure of
    6,000 which is a crude approximation to 40,000).
      Anyway, it sure is embarrassing to hear top notch scientists
    stand up and say things like "the YEC's are crazy" etc. This is
    an OEC falling hook line and sinker for the YEC trap.
      Point is, all this is not academic, because it has been discovered
    that the "percentage growth" of the brain in the human population
    is HIGHLY VARIABLE, and in fact no one has a 100% grown brain.
    It is these extraordinary fact that causes what we call "God"...
    it causes the appearance of "supernatural" observed effects in
    the world, due to variable brain growth. The Secular Trend BTW
    is the ironclad proof of the existence of this phenomenon.
      Classical scientists therefore are advised to proceed with
    caution when considering rising to the many YEC "loaded
    questions" concerning the Creation of the World. Bear in
    mind that they KNOW SOMETHING you don't know... they know there is
    a "God" and they know what it is, and they know that YOU DON'T.
    there is nothing more pathetic than to watch a dignified scientist
    make an ass of himself in public.
      Finally, I have said that "YEC is a Psychology theory, OEC is a
    Physics theory". Well, don't therefore think that YEC is no match for
    OEC... it is. Turns out that Psychology, like Chemistry, is ultimately
    a Physics theory. In fact, recently a scientific proof of "God" has
    even been discovered (see my website below). What this means is that
    BOTH YEC and OEC are now fully bona fide Physics theories, and it is not
    going to be long before "Creationism" is going to be taught as a
    scientific subject right along side "Evolution" in the public schools.
    You may have noticed the recent spate of School Board rulings in that
    direction in the newspapers. Particularly the famous one in Kansas
    City recently.
      So before you leap headlong into this controversy, or say something
    stupid, you better do a little homework.. the tables have turned
    dramatically since the Scopes Monkey Trial, and this time the Religious
    Fundamentalists are armed with a scientific proof of "Creation" that
    holds scientific water. I suggest you read my website for openers.
      BTW I, as a Physicist am sympathetic to neither party in this
    argument as I believe them both to be irresponsible and opportunistic
    hypocrites betraying the trust of the average man. As you
    can see from my website, as discoverer of the scientific proof
    of God, I'm fed up and contemptuous of both of them, as are most average

    Be sure to visit my website below, and please ask your
    news service provider to add  alt.sci.proof-of-god
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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