Re: Is Jonah to be taken literally?

From: Vince D. Calhoun (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 15:59:46 EDT

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    At 02:44 PM 8/21/2001 -0400, James W Stark wrote:
    >To me Jesus was not saying that he was God in that quote or that we must
    >worship him.
    >To be God-referenced a person must seek the truth beyond the
    >truth perceived in h/h worldview as a self-referenced source of truth. He
    >is metaphorically saying where we ought to seek truth. It is always beyond
    >our personal worldview.
    >Incidentally, the way does not have to be interpreted as one way.
    >Continually seeking the truth creates a personal path built on many choices.
    >Every choice should be guided by Jesus.

    I realize you were making a specific point with your comment so this is
    probably slightly off topic. But your statement makes me wonder. Isn't
    there adequate evidence from scripture that Jesus was God and that we are
    called to worship Him? (perhaps this is what you meant by "every choice
    should be guided by Jesus"). Of course how that plays out in the lives of
    individuals is very different.

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