Re: Why YEC?

From: Allen Roy (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 15:44:24 EDT

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      From: Howard J. Van Till
      As it stands, this is nothing more than another free ticket for a guilt trip. The ticket has been issued by a person--if the person actually exists--who doesn't even display the common courtesy of identifying himself/herself. According to this unnamed person, anyone who disputes what she/he has decided what it means to "really believe" in Genesis is doomed to an inferior relationship to God.

      I was the one who kept the author anonymous, because I thought the story more interesting and thought provoking than just exactly who the author was. I have notified the author of some of the responses from this net and he is formulating a reply which he expects to have done by tomorrow. He has published a book which tells the same story. All that will be forth coming.



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