Re: Why YEC?

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 12:17:07 EDT

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    PHSEELY wrote, in part: "Although I do not believe YEC's have any
    consciousness of lying, because YECism is false, it functions as a lie
    and inevitably demands more lies to keep the first lie intact. This
    commitment to darkness invites demonic reinforcement."

    I am uncomfortable with the words "lying" and "lie" in the above. Being
    mistaken about something, and insisting on the truth of something false
    as a result, is just being mistaken, not lying. At least in my thinking.
    As such, I don't realy see any "committment to darkness" involved, and
    certainly no "demons."

    Partly I say this because I know Dr. Gish fairly well, have broken bread
    with him and Henry Morris, etc. I regard them both as decent, honorable,
    moral persons who happen to be wrong on something. By the way, Gish once
    said just about the same thing to me in an email a few years ago.

    I know you said "functions as a lie," but I really think there is a
    difference here.

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