From: Lucy Masters (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 12:34:11 EDT

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    Paul wrote:

    Those who choose to suppress scientific evidence and/or Scripture in
    order to hold on to the extra-biblical doctrine of a scientifically
    inerrant Bible have put Christ second.

    Lucy responds:

    Exactly. This is what I meant in my earlier posts about turning the
    Bible, a book, into God. It has become supreme, and God...the truth and
    the light...have become secondary to an extraordinary degree. At the
    risk of making some folks angry, which I really do NOT like to do, I
    must say that my experience with YECs here in conservative East Texas
    has shown me that they are prone to being "spiritually lazy," too. By
    that I mean it seems much easier for them to expend energy on lip
    service to the if he who has memorized the most scripture and
    screams the loudest about inerrancy is the holiest. But when it comes
    to expending "real" energy on good works, such as helping down at the
    food pantry, or helping with a Habitat for Humanity House, or tending to
    sick folks, I always find non-YECs in my company. Perhaps it is just my
    bizarre and unusual experience in the last 14 years, but I honestly
    cannot think of one single time that one of my YEC friends has expended
    energy to help other people. They are obsessed with going to church and
    memorizing scripture. I ask them, "What's the point in memorizing all
    that stuff if you're not ever going to do something with it?" They are
    aghast. To them, memorizing scripture is the holy act all by itself.
    It's just too air conditioned, clean, and convenient for me.

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