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Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 00:51:31 EDT

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      It occurs to me that little has been said about the
    scientific explanation of Miracles according to SPOG.
    Of course, SPOG does explain "miracles" so, called.
    In the first place SPOG says that miracles are due
    to braingrowth. The brain grows rapidly during the
    first years of our lives, and in fact it continues to
    slowly grow (dendrite growth) during our entire life. This
    growthimpacts MENTAL SPEED and INTELLIGENCE and our ability to
    SEE REALITY enormously. For instance, the expression "mental age"
    describes quite accurately the dramatic increase in intelligence
    that we see in children as they grow up. Basically a 10 year
    old is twice as intelligent as a 5 year old... for the first 18
    years of your life, intelligence DOUBLES every time your age
    doubles, according to IQ testing (approximately). This means your
    "mental speed" is doubling also. The immediate effect of this
    is that the world seems "not as fast" as you grow up through childhood.
      Unfortunately, there is a major "mental syndrome" that affects
    man, and everybody has it. Everybody, out of fear of the world,
    learns to "play dumb" to a certain extent. Some more than others.
    In fact, some people start playing too dumb for their own good,
    and are referred to as "stupid". This is a universal human condition
    and is caused by the violence, abuse and terror of the world on
    the individual. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
      Anyway, this "stupidity of man" is called "repression" by the
    psychologists, and it has caused the expression "mental block"
    to be devised to describe it. Everyone has a "mental block"
    to some degree or another. This was discovered by Theology long
    before it was discovered by Psychology BTW.
      At any rate, it was discovered long ago that the "mental block"
    can be actually BROKEN by psychologists, clergyman, faith healers,
    charismatic religious figures and sometimes by lay people.
      The breaking of a "mental block" in an individual is a dramatic
    psychological event. So dramatic is it in some cases, that it
    is historically referred to as a MIRACLE.
      The reason it is called a MIRACLE is because it represents the
    unleashing of pent up (blocked) braingrowth in the individual,
    and therefore IMMEDIATELY DRAMATICALLY IMPACTS the person's
    vision of REALITY. The human brain is the organ that senses
    REALITY, and therefore if your brain suddenly increases in
    size due to unblocked growth, by say 10%, then suddenly the
    whole of REALITY increases by 10%... the person actually sees
    "The World" suddenly change speed by 10%. This is a very DRAMATIC
    personal experience, and the person is usually overwhelmed by
    it, and announces that "God produce a miracle".
      This is the scientific explanation and history of MIRACLES
    in Religion.
      Now, the BIBLE is one long lecture on this subject, and it is
    trying to tell you about this phenomena, about the mental block,
    and about the existence of miracles. It does this by citing
    famous cases of it in history. It tells stories about individuals,
    groups of individuals, and even whole masses of people who have
    had a "mental block" dispelled by "divine intervention" as the
    Bible describes it. It then describes, usually in metaphorical
    terms, what the people saw or what happened to them, or how they
    were save by this "miraculous" power... this "source of Life
    itself" as it were.

      Now, scientifically, all of these miracles, as we have pointed out
    of the individuals involved. Now, how can this sudden unblocking of
    pent up braingrowth, this unblocking of pent up MENTAL SPEED,
    cause a miracle... lets make up an example.
      You are standing at home plate, you are a miserable batter, and
    the pitcher is known for having a killer of a fastball. 3 men
    are on base, the last of the ninth, with two outs. Your heart
    plummets, you know you are going to strike out and lose the game.
    Then suddenly a strange thing happens. Slowly, but only within a few
    seconds, the entire world suddenly changes before your eyes. First,
    everybody's face begins to look different, instead of the big mean
    powerful tight jawed adversaries they used to look like, now suddenly
    they seem to look like harmless slack jawed, rather stupid, slow and
    bumbling clowns. The pitcher doesn't seem to look like the wound up
    steel spring of an athlete he looked like a minute ago. He seems to
    be a dull, lethargic, slow moving person. He winds up, and throw
    the pitch towards home plate, only this time instead of looking like
    a rifle bullet coming at you, the ball seems to be drifting slowly
    through space like a falling snowflake. You can't believe your eyes.
    You say to yourself, christ, this is a piece of cake... you stand back,
    wind up an enormous swing, and slam that slow moving ball right
    out of the ball park. You can hardly believe it... 40,000 roaring
    fans leap to their feet, you are the hero of the day, you have
    just hit a grand slam in the top of the ninth in the last game of
    the World Series.... you are a hero, history, a legend in your
    own time. THIS is what is called a MIRACLE.
       Now, as I mentioned above, the first thing the person noticed was
    that all of the peoples FACES seemed to change first, then he noticed
    the ball moving slower. But the fact is, when a change in mental speed
    occurs, the FIRST thing you notice is the change in the expression
    and appearance of other peoples FACES. Their PERSONALITY seems to
    change dramatically. Suddenly, you are given MORE POWER among MEN!
    this it turns out is the most dramatic aspect of the breaking of the
    "mental block" and the "quickening of the flesh" as the Bible puts it.
    the importance of this of course is due to the fact that most of
    your problems in life are not with "speeding baseballs", they are
    actually with other PEOPLE. It is, by and large, your relationship
    to OTHER PEOPLE that governs the course and destiny of your life.
    And obviously, anything that is going to change your standing with
    OTHER PEOPLE is going to be the most miraculous thing that can happen
    to you. This is especially true if you are dealing with enemies or
    adversaries. And as you know, the entire Bible is a story about
    a people (the Jews) and their struggle to escape bondage and persecution
    by seemingly overwhelming and invincible enemies. IT IS EXACTLY THIS
    MIRACULOUS power, and miracle, that historically saved the Jews from
    defeat, slavery and even genocide eradication, in world history,
    which is WHY the Bible is the principle instruction book of this
    phenomena, which is called "God".
      And thus it is that we have an unraveling, a decipherment, and a
    plain explanation of all of the MIRACLES of the Bible. What we have
    to bear in mid is that most of them are referring to the MIRACULOUS
    TO OVERCOME THEM... this is what the Bible is talking about almost from
    the beginning to the end.
      Let us take some of the Biblical miracles and decipher them.
    Consider the "Parting of the Red Sea". This is a reference to the
    "vast" Social Psychology ramifications of the "mental block" and the
    growth curve deficit in general in the human population. Fact is,
    nobody is "100% grown" and this is the cause of the celebrate Secular
    Trend that was discovered 50 years ago, and is in fact the cause of "God":

    Now, the fact that nobody is 100% grown, and the fact that in the lower
    classes of society (the 3rd world in particular) this problem becomes
    an enormous one, produces an enormous "mental disability" problem in these
    societies.. particularly, anxiety and hysteria. This hysteria focusses
    largely around the issue of "cleanliness"... there is nothing more
    devastating to human mental health than being broken down, second rate
    and "dirty". This is in fact why mental illness is referred to as
    "INSANITY". Sanity being "cleanliness". Fear of being a "dirty old man"
    is one of societies leading causes of mental illness. At any rate,
    this problem has a SEXUAL COMPONENT, and involves particularly the
    spectacle of VENEREAL DISEASE. Related too, but of course medically
    unconnectedwith this fear is the "Menstrual Taboo" as Freud called it.
    You may have noticed that "Menstruation" is frequently a matter of public
    conversation, despite the fact that it is a common biological function,
    no one ever mentions it. This is the "Menstrual taboo", and he code
    word for this in the Bible is the "Red Sea".
      In wretched poverty stricken and low class living conditions, menstruation
    becomes a problem and a subject of fear.. because it is connected with
    the fear of "genital uncleanness". In older, and debilitate people
    these fears can reach enormous proportions causing people to lisp and
    walk funny. Fresh smelling and vital young people have very little
    awareness of this of course, but the old, the destitute, the wretched
    of the 3rd world, the diseased and the poverty stricken are acutely
    aware of it. Fact is, the jews in slavery and bondage in Egypt were very
    aware of it, and when they finally escaped, and at last knew the fresh
    air of freedom... they referred to it as the "Parting of the Red Sea".
    Now, as you can see, rather than explaining this all to a lot of mystified
    rosy cheeked young people, they merely made up a story that the "Red
    Sea parted in front of them" so that they could escape from the Egyptian.
    But to history, and the to the millions of downtrodden and suffering people
    who have read the Bible, and whom the Bible was written for, the "Parting
    of the Red Sea" represents a powerful message of hope and of a psychological
    MIRACLE which they can readily understand.

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