Re: Why YEC?

Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 23:18:21 EDT

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    Howard writes,

    << For what it's worth (and I know that will vary greatly from reader to
     reader), my own experience is exactly the opposite. Discerning that Genesis
     1-3 is about theology rather than chronology, discerning that the Bible is a
     thoroughly human account of the authentic experience of God's presence in
     the life of the ancient Hebrews and the early Christian community,
     discerning that there is no good reason to participate in the biblicism
     bordering on bibliolatry that characterizes a major portion of the
     evangelical Christian community, discerning that God has no need for me to
     prop up the biblical text with humanly crafted exaggerations regarding its
     character or authority, I have no need to believe things that are countered
     by empirical science performed with competence and integrity. I have no
     need, for instance, to defend repeatedly discredited YEC chronology in the
     name of Christianity.
     Sensing God's full encouragement to use the totality of my experience and
     intellect to articulate a theology that deals honestly and courageously
     with the questions of this time and place, I feel closer to God now than at
     any time in my life.


    My experience with YEC's is that they have felt uneasy about "not believing
    the Bible." In reality, they have been so indoctrinated and emotionally taken
    with the extra-biblical doctrine of an "absolutely inerrant Bible" that this
    is what they really find peace with when they become YEC's.

    Seeking and honoring the truth is seeking and honoring Christ. Those who
    choose to suppress scientific evidence and/or Scripture in order to hold on
    to the extra-biblical doctrine of a scientifically inerrant Bible have put
    Christ second. In addition, they have embarked on a very dangerous course of
    having to suppress light again and again. Although I do not believe YEC's
    have any consciousness of lying, because YECism is false, it functions as a
    lie and inevitably demands more lies to keep the first lie intact. This
    commitment to darkness invites demonic reinforcement.


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