Re: Homosexuality (a CONDITION, not an activity)

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 13:02:07 EDT

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    Gordon wrote: "The Hebrew word translated as abomination in the dietary
    laws of Leviticus 11 is different from the word translated the same way
    with reference to sodomy, idolatry, spiritism, etc. Although I am
    certainly not an authority on the precise meaning of these two words, the
    fact that the
    OT is consistent in using one word in connection with the dietary laws
    and the other word in relation to these other behaviors seems to strongly
    suggest that there was a real difference in meaning between these two

    Daniel Helmaniak addresses that issue in his book. Notes and a review of
    his book are on my website at

    The word in Lev 11 is "torvah," and Helmaniak argues that it is the
    equivalent of our word "taboo."


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