Why YEC?

From: Ted Davis (tdavis@messiah.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 10:35:31 EDT

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    This is an interesting post, it is consistent with some other stories I have
    read about YECs and the reasons for their "conversions" to that position. I
    have no reason do doubt its authenticity, and some historical details ring
    true. Let me comment on this:

      Later, while I was Chief Engineer of Isotopes Inc., several of our top
      staff were Ph.D.'s, including one who was also Professor of Geochemistry
      Columbia University. He and a few others were Wheaton graduates, and
      Christians who believed in Progressive Creation.

    The Columbia geochemist was undoubtedly J. Lawrence Kulp, prominent in the
    early ASA though later he drifted away from Xty, as far as I know. Kulp's
    attack on Price's flood geology, in one of the very earliest issues of the
    JASA, was influential in leading Henry Morris to exit the ASA over the next
    dozen years or so.

    Ted Davis

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