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From: George Hammond (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 01:14:42 EDT

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    Lucy Masters wrote:
    > Anonymous Wrote:
    > I kept studying technical journals and books, and finally became
    > convinced that circular logic and faith in prior beliefs played a strong
    > part in radio-dating -- in other words, it wasn't a "scientific fact,
    > provable by scientific methods." There was too much unprovable belief
    > involved.
    > Lucy Responds:
    > This seems to be the key sentence explaining why he changed his mind.
    > However, his argument is loosely framed at best. **HOW** specifically
    > do circular logic and faith play a strong part in radiocarbon dating?
    > Unless my science texts are blatant lies (which I doubt), the physics
    > seem fairly straight-forward to me. Therefore, any scientist dating
    > some thing should be able to prove his/her statements through scientific
    > methods. **WHAT** unprovable beliefs does this gentleman think were
    > involved? I wish his points were more specific. Can the initiator get
    > this chap involved in the list? I cannot imagine why he would hesitate
    > to share his name.

      The author of this letter obviously doesn't "disbelieve"
    radio-isotope dating. YEC's are notorious "nerd baiters".
    He's hoping some professor of Nuclear Physics who has had
    his nose to the atomic grindstone for 40 years and has never
    had time to think about "God" will rise to the bait. Obviously
    the author of this letter is a vicious "scientist hater".
      He has had the leisure and privilege to (accidentally probably)
    find out what God is, and now he want's to go out and stomp some
    poor old Prof. who doesn't know what it is, but is quietly
    sacrificing his entire life providing the scientific wherewithal
    to actually prove God.
      The guy that wrote this is a snake,... and thinks knowledge of
    God is something that can be used to exploit people.
      The canard about not believing isotope dating is a BOOBY
    TRAP and a HOAX, aimed at people like you. The YEC's after all
    are trying to beat you at your own game Ms. Masters, and from
    the sounds of it, they just might.

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    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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