Why YEC?

From: Lucy Masters (masters@cox-internet.com)
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 00:24:05 EDT

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    Anonymous Wrote:

      I kept studying technical journals and books, and finally became
    convinced that circular logic and faith in prior beliefs played a strong
    part in radio-dating -- in other words, it wasn't a "scientific fact,
    provable by scientific methods." There was too much unprovable belief

    Lucy Responds:

    This seems to be the key sentence explaining why he changed his mind.
    However, his argument is loosely framed at best. **HOW** specifically
    do circular logic and faith play a strong part in radiocarbon dating?
    Unless my science texts are blatant lies (which I doubt), the physics
    seem fairly straight-forward to me. Therefore, any scientist dating
    some thing should be able to prove his/her statements through scientific
    methods. **WHAT** unprovable beliefs does this gentleman think were
    involved? I wish his points were more specific. Can the initiator get
    this chap involved in the list? I cannot imagine why he would hesitate
    to share his name.

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