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Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 17:08:48 EDT

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    Lucy Masters wrote:
    > Yes, but whales and walruses don't stand up in the process! Lucy

    This is an old canard that's been dismantled in the Creationist
    controversy long ago.
      In the first place Walruses and Seals clearly have 4-skeletal


      In fact so do Whales:

                    (quoted from above URL:)
      "It has been known since Darwin's time that whales occasionally
      show evidence of vestigial limbs and pelvic bones. This is most
      obvious in whale embryos, but adult whales have actually
      been found with protruding limb rudiments. (See the discussion
      in P. Gingerich et al, "Hind Limbs of Eocene Basilosaurus:
      Evidence of Feet in Whales," Science 249, July 13, 1990,"

      Besides, even if they didn't, they would be 2-legged animals not
    3-legged animals. A tail is a continuation of the spine and is
    not considered a leg, even in Kangaroos.
     Tyrannasaurus Rex for instance had two huge hind legs and nearly
    vestigial front legs, just the opposite of a Whale... still not
    a 3-legged animal.

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