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From: George Hammond (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 16:58:31 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:
    > The two Pauli quotes,
    > "Pauli's "It's not even wrong."
    > and
    > "So young, and already so unknown!"
    > are good examples, I think, of how to suggest politely to a person that
    > their claim is warrantless and how to do so in a pejorative manner. I
    > would be proud to have said the first and embarrassed to have said the
    > second.
    > John Burgeson (Burgy)

      Every great intellect in history, save Jesus himself, has
    found it necessary to pander to the pedants. Certainly the above
    two statements are examples.
      Feynman's favorite demurer to them at Los Alamos, was
    "that's crazy" and it's reported that he could often be heard saying
    it loudly to Hans Bethe and/or others in the hallways during the war.
    He may have said it to Bohr when he visited L.A. after his escape from
    the Nazis in Denmark and in response to an idea Bohr had for doubling
    the power of the A-bomb.

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