From: Lucy Masters (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 16:29:55 EDT

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    ...................are 3-legged dogs, on the average, over the long
    haul, likely to compete successfully
    with 4-legged dogs for resources & breeding opportunities?

    I agree that IS the question, which is why I brought up reproduction to
    begin with. In a domestic environment, that 3 legged dog may very well
    be able to mate with the little girl doggie next door whose owners give
    her no other choices. But in the dog-eat-dog real world (tell me I
    didn't say that), a 3-legger would have a tough time competing with
    other male dogs who might be trying to mate with the hottest chick in
    the forest, not to mention the fact he probably wouldn't have the energy
    to mate if he couldn't catch any prey.

    Lucy (I'll do ANYTHING (including playing on the computer) to get out of
    cutting the grass while it's 110 outside)

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