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From: george murphy (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 16:10:41 EDT

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    Michael Roberts wrote:

    > Yes, but! If he's got that good a balance , puppies might be conceivable!
    > After all whales and walruses can do it with no legs.

            You all know that I know that you know this but -
            The relevant question (if we can keep straight faces) is not
            can 3-legged dogs survive (which would of course require micturition)

            can 3-legged dogs engage in sexual intercourse
            can 3-legged dogs procreate
            are 3-legged dogs, on the average, over the long haul, likely to
    compete successfully with 4-legged dogs for resources & breeding
            Answers to that questions are likely to be prejudiced by the
    supposition that "3-legged dog" is an animal with the basic structure of
    "4-legged dog" but with one leg removed. Such an animal would obviously be
    somewhat awkward & the answer to the question could reasonably be guessed to
    be "no." But an animal with a more balanced arrangement of 3 legs might be
    able to perform quite well. In some situations tricycles work better than
                                            George Murphy - on a slow Sunday

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