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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 22:42:53 EDT

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    Lucy Masters wrote:
    > I wasn't being ENTIRELY silly in my post about four legs and balance
    > (although recent postings have pushed me to hilarity). In one of my
    > biology classes, my professor did spend a lecture talking rather
    > seriously about symmetry in animals and plants and the relationship to
    > balance. Mystics look at math and symmetry and see all sorts of meaning
    > beyond reason, but I must admit it makes sense to think about balance.
    > Unbalanced plants might droop to one side thereby not getting enough
    > sunlight and possibly drenching themselves in a puddle. And of course
    > an injured mammal can survive with one leg gone, but it is not the ideal
    > situation for mating or for catching prey. The starfish is quite a bit
    > different as it has a flattened body - thereby gaining its balance by
    > dispersing mass.
    > Lucy

      As I pointed out to C. Vandergraaf, a Starfish is an echinoderm
    (Gr. "spiny skin") and all echinoderms have a larval stage which
    is as bilaterally symmetric as we are, and has 4 legs. Therefore,
    a Starfish is fundamentally a 4-legged animal. The larval stage
    swims around, and like fish has two paired legs (fins). The adult
    is really a sessile animal and doesn't walk around.
      "Legs" are really a property of land animals since their main
    function is "standing" locomotion in a high gravity environment.
    Sea creatures generally don't have "legs" because they are in a
    weightless environment. The only real exception is sea-life that
    "swims" extensively, like fish, and there again, you find 2 sets
    of paired fins, which again are necessary for "pitch, roll and yaw"
    control of the 3-axis animal.
      The upshot is, and I feel sorry for people without the Physics
    expertise to understand this, that:

    1. Only a "quadratic space", that is a quadratic metrical space
        such as we live in where the Pythagorean Theorem holds true,
        will allow a solid object to freely rotate.

    2. Having thus determined that we must live in a "quadratic space"
        we immediately discover that the "cartesian coordinate system"
        is the simplest structure that will provide the mechanical
        basis for a "machine". This is why the human body is a
        3-Axis orthogonal machine. (The Cross of Christianity BTW
        symbolizes this scientific fact).

    3. Having determined that the human body must be "Cartesian"
        in SHAPE geometrically, then the next thing we find out is
        that Gravity "bends" the axes of this structure (curves
        real space).

    4. This results in the "bending" (or curvature) of the vectors
        of psychometry space, since it "bends" the Cartesian growth
        of the brain. ("brain gravity" does this, quantum gravity
        BTW not terrestrial gravity according to Sir Penrose).
        This phenomena mediates the celebrated "Secular Trend" in
        human growth we've heard so much about (and the Flynn Effect).
    5. This "curvature" in Psychometry space is the explanation
        (and proof) of "God". Thus we see, that it is GRAVITY which
        causes GOD. Einstein's theory it turns out, is the Mathematical-
        Physics explanation of God. God bless Al Einstein.

    6. This stunning phenomenology has been rigorously proved by
        Hammond (1994, 1997).

    7. The Church can take a much deserved vacation, and a pay raise,
        the scientific proof of God (SPOG) has been discovered.

    Perhaps my future biographers and followers will be able to
    come up with a simpler heuristic explanation of this for you
    using colored illustrations, movies, t.v. etc. But in the meantime
    it unfortunately remains very much of a professional scientist's
    domain. Therefore, only the very privileged few have access to the
    fact that there actually is a "real God". Meanwhile, I'm working on
    a popular book for you, which should be out in awhile.

    Be sure to visit my website below, and please ask your
    news service provider to add  alt.sci.proof-of-god
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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