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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 22:03:48 EDT

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    Vandergraaf, Chuck wrote:
    > Michael,
    > The things you don't learn on this net! From curvature in space to
    > physically challenged dogs relieving themselves. Is there no end? ;-) Makes
    > one wonder if male dogs are right-legged, left-legged, or ambidextrous (or
    > whatever term is applicable when dealing with legs). On second thought, nah,
    > some things are better left unknown.
    > The apparent symmetry of mammals has made me think about symmetry in other
    > living things. Starfish have five arms, if I'm not mistaken and flowers
    > show a variety of symmetry. Any biologists among you that can shed some
    > light on this?

    Sure... a Starfish is an echinoderm (Gr. "spiny skin"). All
    echinoderms have a bilaterally symmetric larval stage which has
    4 legs. Therefore a Starfish is not an exception to the
    rule that "4 is the minimum number of legs". This (obvious)
    axiomatic geometry observation has apparently even obtained
    to the empyrean level of being "pedantproof".

    > Chuck

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