From: Lucy Masters (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 21:20:14 EDT

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    I wasn't being ENTIRELY silly in my post about four legs and balance
    (although recent postings have pushed me to hilarity). In one of my
    biology classes, my professor did spend a lecture talking rather
    seriously about symmetry in animals and plants and the relationship to
    balance. Mystics look at math and symmetry and see all sorts of meaning
    beyond reason, but I must admit it makes sense to think about balance.
    Unbalanced plants might droop to one side thereby not getting enough
    sunlight and possibly drenching themselves in a puddle. And of course
    an injured mammal can survive with one leg gone, but it is not the ideal
    situation for mating or for catching prey. The starfish is quite a bit
    different as it has a flattened body - thereby gaining its balance by
    dispersing mass.


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