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    The things you don't learn on this net! From curvature in space to
    physically challenged dogs relieving themselves. Is there no end? ;-) Makes
    one wonder if male dogs are right-legged, left-legged, or ambidextrous (or
    whatever term is applicable when dealing with legs). On second thought, nah,
    some things are better left unknown.

    The apparent symmetry of mammals has made me think about symmetry in other
    living things. Starfish have five arms, if I'm not mistaken and flowers
    show a variety of symmetry. Any biologists among you that can shed some
    light on this?


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    A dog does not need 4 legs. A male dog here has one back leg and it can
    successfully cock its leg . It uses the good one for cocking and has to
    stand on its 2 front legs with its rear in the air and the one rear leg in
    position as a dog's leg ought to be. And then it happily has a pee.


    PS how do kangaroo's mate?
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    > Dear All:
    > Well! I certainly do agree with Bob's last post regarding SPOG. And
    > that goes for this nonsense about 3 vs. 4 legs. Of course most mammals
    > have four legs, and of course that's related to natural selection. If
    > they only had 3 legs, they'd be falling down all the time. It's really
    > hard to reproduce when one is falling down all the time, so 4 legs are
    > perfectly necessary for natural selection. For Heaven's Sake! Lucy

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