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    A dog does not need 4 legs. A male dog here has one back leg and it can
    successfully cock its leg . It uses the good one for cocking and has to
    stand on its 2 front legs with its rear in the air and the one rear leg in
    position as a dog's leg ought to be. And then it happily has a pee.


    PS how do kangaroo's mate?
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    > Dear All:
    > Well! I certainly do agree with Bob's last post regarding SPOG. And
    > that goes for this nonsense about 3 vs. 4 legs. Of course most mammals
    > have four legs, and of course that's related to natural selection. If
    > they only had 3 legs, they'd be falling down all the time. It's really
    > hard to reproduce when one is falling down all the time, so 4 legs are
    > perfectly necessary for natural selection. For Heaven's Sake! Lucy

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