Re: Forget about SPOG: behold SPTNCAWHS

From: George Hammond (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 13:04:50 EDT

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    Bob Gilm wrote:
    > Dear All,
    > I'd like to share with you this momentous insight I
    > had yesterday evening, after thoughtful consideration
    > of the number of toes in my left foot, and how it is
    > exactly the same as in my right foot. The number 5 is
    > significantly larger than Planck's constant, h (6.6262
    > x 10^-34 J-s). However, since Plank showed that that
    > the energy of an oscillator of frequency v is
    > quantised, and the number of toes in my foot is also
    > discrete, I conclude that Hammond's SPOG is wrong.
    > This is not surprising at this point, since any idiot
    > could have seen that. In its place, I would like to

    Newton once said:

            "In lieu of all other evidence, I take the
             human thumb to be sufficient evidence of
             the existence of God"
                                   (Isaac Newton)

    Now, if you don't understand that statement, I suggest
    you watch your step in these discussions, because some
    people do know what it means (it's double entender BTW).

      As for the scientific facts, the body is constructed from
    "cartesian-binary cell cleavage" and the reason we have
    5 fingers is because first we had One, then it cleaved into
    2, then each of those cleaved into 2 giving us 4. Finally one
    of the 4 cleaved into 2 giving us 5. Simple binary cleavage.

    > Now, serious. Hammond, nobody on this list cares about
    > what you say, particularly your SPOG. Nobody here
    > thinks that it is of any use. We are not qualified to
    > understand it anyways, according to you.

    Well, that's the problem... everybody is here to fight, and
    nobody is here to INQUIRE. This is abnormal behavior. The
    principle function of discussion is to find out things,
    language is not supposed to be a forensic psychological weapon.

    > So, why do
    > you waste your valuable time with us? Why don't you
    > spend this time trying to publish your SPOG in a
    > peer-reviewed journal?

      That's the problem. There's something wrong with the
    establishment, not only in the government, but in science too.
      Fact is, you can't publish a paper entitled "the scientific
    proof of God" in a reputable journal... there aren't even
    reputable scientists who will discuss such a thing. So,
    like Jesus, I find my self talking to the Publicans and
    the disabled.
      They used to ask Jesus.. "If you know so much why aren't you
    up at the Temple or the University or the parliament telling
    them about it?" Are you kidding, THEY are the reason I'm down here
    telling you about it.
      They're all too busy making 6 figure salaries studying the Big Bang,
    Outer Space, Fractal Geometry, Fuzzy logic, Chaos theory, and
    "Theories of Everything" to be bothered listening to a scientific
    discovery that is going to save billions of the poverty stricken,
    ease the struggle of the middle class, and dramatically raise
    the world Standard of Living. Why should they care about that
    when they're making 100 Grand a year and have air-conditioning,
    free air travel and a private parking space?
      None of these hundreds of amateurs who are flaming me are actually
    against me, they're just trying not to blow their cover. It's the
    big shots, the stuff shirts, the high and the mighty and the elite
    overpriveleged who don't want there to be any rabble rousing
    "scientific proofs of God." When the chips go down between the
    haves and the have nots in this world fella, you're going to find
    yourself in my army, not theirs, ya know. Do you really think
    Dick Cheney who made $36,000,000 dollars last year gives a damn
    about you? Do you think he cares about a "scientific proof of God"?

    > Cheers,
    > Bob


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