Re: Sunday observance (was Homosexuality (a condition) and homosexual activities)

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Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 04:02:10 EDT

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    > I doubt if anybody can categorically say that Sunday shopping is "right"
    > "wrong" but your statement that you don't tend to shop on Sundays but do
    > to restaurants or pubs is interesting. Why one and not the other, unless
    > you don't have cooking facilities at home?

    I know - it does seem hypocritical - though I would say that this is only
    done on occasions and not as a regular thing. I gave it as an example of
    how we all often unthinkingly do things that the rest of society does,
    without considering it from a Biblical perspective. (Which would appear to
    be the Fourth Commandment, though that raises the issue of whether
    Christians ought to treat Saturday as the Sabbath - and some I know do so,
    feeling that the move to Sunday was a pagan influence. That is a knotty
    issue that I don't really want to get bogged down in. The Fourth
    commandment specifies a day of rest - which one we nowadays arbitrarily
    choose does not seem to be of such importance as the general principle).

    As you say, when you are on business, you don't really have much choice but
    to use hotel/restaurant, etc. However in UK, Sunday shopping have been just
    adopted by large numbers of people uncritically, and it becomes their normal
    day of shopping. 24/7 is indeed a modern buzz phrase. I think it's this
    that I object to, plus the fact that people have to give up their Sundays to
    work - whether this means that Sunday workers have extra time off on another
    day, I don't know.

    > Personally, I don't shop on Sunday but I don't go to restaurants or pubs
    > either on Sunday, unless I'm on vacation or on business. I do try to make
    > it to church wherever I am and have found it to be uplifting to experience
    > the "communion of the saints" in places like Harwell, UK, Nogales, New
    > Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada, and to hear the word preached in Swiss
    > and in French.

    It so happens I work at Harwell. Perhaps I'll bump into you some time?


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