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    ID as a Theory of Technological Evolution

    William A. Dembski
    August 10, 2001

    One of the first paragraphs:

    In Aristotle's distinction between art and nature lies the central issue in
    the debate over biological evolution. The central issue is not the
    interpretation of Genesis, nor whether humans are descended from apes, nor
    whether all organisms trace their lineage to a last common ancestor. Indeed,
    where one comes down on these side issues is irrelevant to the central
    issue. The central issue is whether nature has sufficient resources in
    herself to generate all of biological diversity or whether in addition
    nature requires art to complete what nature alone cannot bring to a finish.
    The Greek word for art is techne, from which we get our word technology. The
    English word most commonly used to capture what Aristotle means by art
    derives not from the Greek but from the Latin. That word is, of course,

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