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From: George Hammond (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 20:15:31 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:
    > "In the words of Pauli, "It's not even wrong." "
    > I loved that quotation when I first read it. Do you have a citation
    > source by any chance? I think he was criticizing a grad student's physics
    > thesis, but perhaps it was more than that. It has been many years --
    > thanks for bring it back to memory.

      "It's not even wrong" certainly does not apply to Murphy's
    statements, his statement IS WRONG.
      I pointed out that Real Space is Riemannian (locally Euclidean
    in 3D) BECAUSE it is the only metrical space in which you can rotate a
    solid body, and then he turns around and points out that you "can"
    rotate an object in "constant curvature" (Riemannian) space as a
    disproof of the statement. He's apparently not even aware that
    the "constant curvature" space to which he is referring IS RIEMANNIAN
    even though he found the statement in a book on Riemannian Geometry!
      As for the canard
    about locality, it is engraved in stone that the Riemannian metric
    MUST reduce to the Lorentz metric locally (local Euclidean space part).
      The axiomatic and well known truth of the statement I made happens
    to be 80 years old (proven by Weyl in 1920) and known to every
    competent Relativist in the field. It's a COMMONPLACE.
      He certainly is close to being "not even wrong" I'll grant that.
    But to then go on and personally impugn me with ad hominem attacks
    and attempting to discredit my work and my reputation based on
    an incompetent scientific rebuttal is nothing but sheer abuse, which
    is then apparently backed up by half a dozen synchophantic ad
    hominem postings from the peanut gallery.
      I think that's a disgusting display of the underlying and eager
    hypocritical viciousness of the agenda of this list. Certainly a vile
    display of the true agenda of these list participants.
      I don't think the ASA should tolerate such behavior on their list.

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