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Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 09:07:14 EDT

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    TZ wrote:

    > I have 1 question..........
    > whats this got to do with physics, and maths and physics relativity?

      I'm not the one who started crossposting this thread to the
    math and physics NG's, but since I started the thread on
    [alt.sci.proof-of-god] I'll be glad to answer your question.
      The average idiot (PhD) assumes that the reason animals
    have a minimum of 4-LEGS (notice there are no 3-legged
    animals) is because of "Darwinian Natural Selection".
      This of course is SHEER PEDANTIC PHD IDIOCY. As Hammond
    has pointed out time and again, the reason for it is:

          The Euclidean Metrical property of Real Space

      It is an EXPERIMENTAL FACT that the Metric of Real Space

               ds^2 = dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2

    As Weyl, Einstein, Riemann and others discovered a long time ago,
    the EUCLIDEAN METRIC (pure quadratic metric) is the ONLY metrical
    form that will allow the rotation of a solid object in space without
    it blowing up (fragmenting) due to spatial distortion. If you had
    any metric other than the EUCLIDEAN (also called Pythagorean,
    Cartesian and Riemannian) you would not be able to physically rotate
    a solid object in real space... certainly a major inconvenience.
      Einstein himself discusses this at:

      So (flat) REAL SPACE has to have a EUCLIDEAN METRIC. Now, as
    any idiot knows, a simple machine (with moving parts) has to have
    at least as many degrees of freedom as the space which it is
    designed to span.
      Consequently, the EUCLIDEAN METRIC "determines" the "physical
    shape" of all simple machines, because, the simple orthogonal
    rectilinear structure (cartesian coordinate system so called)
    3-degrees of freedom in 3-dimensional EUCLIDEAN space.
      This then, is WHY the "BODY PLAN" of all PLANTS and ANIMALS
    in fact, is a "3-Axis Cartesian Body Plan", for instance, the
    Generalized Vertebrate BODY PLAN (Fig 2):

    or the general PLANT body plan:

      In particular it is of MAJOR SIGNIFICANCE that the human body
    has a CARTESIAN BODY PLAN, since this cause the BRAIN to have
    a Cartesian Anatomical Structure, which in turn causes Psychometric
    Space (Factor Analytic Psychometry eigenvector space) to be
    Cartesian, and this in turn shows that:

         The geometry of Psychometry Space is caused by
         the geometry of Real Space.

    and this leads directly to the astounding result that the
    curvature of Real Space causes the curvature of Psychometry Space,
    and since the curvature of Real Space is identified as GRAVITY,
    and the curvature of Psychometry Space can be easily identified
    as "God", that therefore: "Gravity causes God".

    Be sure to visit my website below, and please ask your
    news service provider to add  alt.sci.proof-of-god
    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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