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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 18:55:54 EDT

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    Burgy writes: "Homosexuality, being an unchosen tendency, CANNOT be a sin."

    I don't think this is quite right. For an alcoholic, it may be the case
    that the tendency to drink uncontrollably is an inherited genetic trait.
     That fact does not make drinking to excess less sinful. Surely, both
    nature and nurture contribute to all of our behavior but our sinful actions
    are sinful whether or not we can list factors that induce it. I don't
    think anyone had to teach me to tease my sisters. Beyond that, it seems as
    though "button pushing" is a particularly strong trait in my family.
     Nevertheless, I have sinned on various occasions by teasing my sisters too
    much. That my father did the same and his father the same provides me no
    excuse (and I seem to remember trying to use such an argument to avoid
    parental action, to no avail). The morality of homosexual behavior should
    be ascertained from the scriptures. The role of science can not be to
    allow us to cross out certain portions therein. So, what is the role of
    science, like observation of a genetically determined tendency towards
    homosexuality, in interpreting the do's and don'ts of the bible?


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    Moorad said: "Homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin that we all

    Homosexuality, being an unchosen tendency, CANNOT be a sin.

    Read my statement at the web page below.

    John Burgeson (Burgy)

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