Re: Cosmic Laws Like Speed of Light Might Be Changing, a Study Finds

From: george murphy (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 08:55:15 EDT

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    "Moorad Alexanian" wrote:

    > AUG 15, 2001
    > Cosmic Laws Like Speed of Light Might Be Changing, a Study Finds

        Without prejudice to the potential importance of this discovery (if it holds
    up), the suggestion that c might be changing is an unwarranted extrapolation. The
    fine structure constant determines the strength of the EM interaction, & while it
    would indeed be surprising to find that that it's changed in the way described
    here, there are ways of making sense of that. In relativity, OTOH, c is a
    conversion factor between different units for space-time intervals: 1 sec =
    300,000 km. Thus a change in c would be like a change in the conversion factor
    between Celsius & Fahrenheit.
        Of course a changing c isn't impossible. But it would mean that we'd have to
    abandon not just a theory of a particular interaction but special relativity,
    which defines the framework within which all local physics has been understood for
    a century. (& this wouldn't mean "Back to Newton" since all of the phenomena that
    SRT explains better than classical physics would remain.)



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